About Reboot Camp Charity

In The Beginning

The Reboot Camp Charity is a non-profit organization registered as a 501(c)(3) conceived in 1999. In the beginning we spent our time talking with veterans giving advice where needed. A lot of our time was focused on veterans from the Viet Nam War Era. These veterans were the only generation that were treated so horribly after returning home. This incredibly strong group of veterans vowed to never let that happen again to future generations of veterans.

Our country changed on September 11th, 2001, and shortly thereafter we were at war. For over the past 30 years we have deployed our military all over the middle east, from Operation Desert Storm to the War on Terror. The major difference between our current generation of veterans, versus past generations, is the number of tours and time deployed. Most veterans from earlier wars served one tour. Those who served 2 or 3 tours in the past were, considered to be, gung-ho soldiers.

The Problem

Today's generation serves between 3 to 6 or more deployments. The correlation with the number of suicides within the veteran community being the highest it has ever been, and the amount of combat tours being the highest, sheds light on the problems veterans are facing. Over 40 veterans take their own lives every single day. Although there are so many good veterans causes out there, the challenge for a lot of veterans is asking for help due to the state of mind they are in. Veterans have a difficult time adjusting to civilian life. The importance and need for a network of fellow veterans who have come before them, and know what they are going through, has to be taken seriously and recognized as valid criteria for effective care for our veterans.

The founder of the Reboot Camp Charity discovered some valuable truths while directing a documentary film about an American Legion Post. He interviewed veterans from WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, and today's current conflicts. The biggest change that occurred during wartime started with the Viet Nam War and continued into today's wars. WWII and Korea veterans said that after their tour was over, they stayed with their unit and could have to wait up to 6 months or longer to catch a ship to head back to America. While on voyage home, they were still with those from their unit who survived. Crossing the Atlantic could take a long time as well. What these veterans pointed out was the amount of time they had to process what they had seen during combat. Being surrounded by their fellow veterans and talking through their experiences made an impact and gave a sense of closure. These veterans said they decided when they got home that they would leave behind the horrors of war and live their lives to the fullest, to honor their fallen brothers and sisters. Many of them agreed not to speak of what they witnessed to anyone who had not been there. The "Band of Brothers" was born.

Fast forward to the Viet Nam War and all wars since. These soldiers could be in a combat zone one day and then be put on a plane to head home within 24 hours. This is dangerous. They have no time to process, no time to talk with other members of their units, no time to make plans on how to move on to a new chapter of their lives.

How We Make A Difference

The Reboot Camp Charity believes by offering a network for veterans to be in contact with fellow veterans, and work through the unique experiences together, will make a significant impact for the better. We can help prevent the chances of our veterans going down the paths that lead to substance abuse, domestic violence, and suicide. Together we can work with our veterans returning home and guide them to become positive members of our communities. The experiences and wisdom that our veterans carry can be used for good. We owe our freedoms and way of life, that our Constitution protects, to our veterans who swore an oath to uphold and defend it. Get involved today and help in any way you can!

Two Ways To Donate

You can go to our Donate page, or click the link below, to support our veterans and make a donation in any amount you choose, or you can donate your time by clicking on the Facebook and X icons on the top of the page and liking and sharing our social media pages. Thank you!