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Reboot Camp Charity

Bootcamp For Veterans Becoming Civilians

Thank you for visiting our site. We are a veteran owned and operated 501(c)(3) non-profit in the state of Tennessee formed to support fellow veterans. Read below what we are about. If you like what we do and would like to help we ask that you either make a donation or help spread the word about us. We are on facebook and "X", formerly Twitter. There are links on the top of every page. Thanks for taking the time to learn about what we do.

The Reboot Camp Charity was founded to help veterans and their families adjust to civilian life. Unfortunately, the highest rates of substance abuse, domestic violence and suicide are within the veteran community. There are so many resources out there but we know, as fellow veterans, asking for help is not in our DNA.

Reboot Camp Charity is your starting place

Military members training

Reboot Camp Charity Mission

The mission of the Reboot Camp Charity is to ensure no one is left behind to lose the war we face in our minds as veterans returning home, through an environment of group learning with fellow veterans and their families.

Our Program

We are compiling a video training library combined with a live online spaces implimenting a step by step training series, by veterans for veterans, to help in their transition from military to civilian life. We chose to make this accessable online to be able to reach as many veterans as possible. Our program is in depth and designed to be for 10 weeks. Time may vary depending on the veterans needs. Everyone moves at their own pace.

Below is an outline of our first phase of our training program. Keep in mind our training will consistantly change and adapt as we grow. We are always striving to find the best possible information to use and convey to our veterans.

Example of first phase of training

Our ultimate goal is to create a facility where veterans can come in person to go through the training program. We have a property in Lexington Tennessee where we intend to build this facility. As we grow and utilize our taining program online we will work diligently to make our ultimate goal a reality.

This is a program run by veterans for veterans. All information is private and specifically designed for veterans and their families.

We are also joining forces with other great veteran programs to give our veterans all the support they need.

Keep the momentum

There is a world of information and necessary guidlines to impliment in our training series. We have interaction and interviews with many professionals and powerful speakers, which takes a lot of time and resources to record and compile into our program. With your contributions we have our goals to have our online boot camp up and running in 2024. All donations are tax deductible.

Support Your Local Veterans

Make a difference:

Our goal to reach as many veterans as possible. We chose to make our program entirely online so we can provide services to as many veterans as possible wherever they may be. We would love to see facilities built accross the country to make our program in person, but the amount of money and resources for that are out of reach for now. We realized the best way to accomplish our goals of getting much needed services to our veterans is to make it accessible from wherever they may be.

A great way you can support a veteran is to get them in contact with other veterans who have been through what they may be going through. Let them know about our program and others like it. Get our veterans communicating with other veterans and together we can make a difference.